I’m forever grateful for Jes’s knowledge, attention to detail and enthusiasm for her profession.


First, let me say this, if you’re considering hiring Jes, just do it. Don’t hesitate. She is the ultimate professional, and delivers results. She somehow knows what would look good on my body, and is able to work within my defined style, but also encourages me to consider things I never would have otherwise. She is brilliant at pulling outfits together and was more than willing to work around existing clothes items/shoes I wanted to incorporate. She has now outfitted me for multiple national conferences at which I am speaking or hosting, and always comes through. Quite simply, I never would have had the time, energy, expertise, or fashion sense, to end up with what I do every time I work with Jes. The end result is I am confident (and comfortable) on stage and in meetings. I go from being stressed about an event’s wardrobe before working with Jes, to looking forward to it with optimism and confidence after working with her. 

Working with Jes is a phenomenal experience from start to end. She inventoried my closet, shopped FOR me, brought everything to my home, set it all up in outfits for each day or night event. She thinks of everything from what colors look best on me, to how fabrics drape, to how to hide my trouble spots, to whether I’ll stand out in the crowd, to my comfort, to mixing and matching and on and on. I was skeptical as to whether or not a stylist would understand the image I needed to project as I am a consultant in the design industry and need to project both authority and style. I was also concerned that I would be pushed into expensive brands or styles I didn’t want, yet Jes was very conscious of budget and 100% willing to work within my guidelines. She “gets” my style and works around my body/feet issues. She has all kinds of fashion tips, and even had a tailor who came to my house for alterations. 

The whole experience made me feel very pampered, and was extremely efficient. It couldn’t have been easier. Jes thinks of EVERYTHING. She is unfailingly pleasant, upbeat, and professional, and her passion and drive toward our success was infectious. 

I have very high standards and when someone exceeds them, I become a champion. I would be delighted to speak with anyone considering hiring Jes Ruzic.

/  jane m.  /


I recently had a full Personal Styling Session with Jes and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. From start to finish, Jes was professional and friendly. Her service strikes the perfect balance of showcasing her fashion and style expertise with keeping the client well informed and involved. Experiencing the closet audit for a shared space (my husband and I) was an elevated experience that was both necessary and empowering. I was able to have each piece of clothing evaluated for fit, quality and relevance. Although it was a bit uncomfortable to realize some harder truths about my items and size, what was to come was only better. Once I got a chance to see my items reorganized and hung beautifully, I could take stock and make sense of what really works for my body and lifestyle today. There are no more pieces that reflect an occasion, experience or size that isn’t reality. At that moment I got a sense of what I could wear each day without question and with total confidence.

During Jes’s intake, we were both able to create a vision of what direction I want for my style needs and budget. With the shop day, Jes took all the stress out of it for me, only to bring the best part to my home! From the comfort of my own living room (and sweet input of my daughter) I could try on pieces that matched exactly what we were going for. Jes put together outfits for everyday wear and special occasions incorporating the new with clothing and accessories I already had. Being involved in the process helped me to learn as well how to have a goal in mind when I shop and what to look for in an item. Not every body and every style need is the same AND those two factors change over time! With Jes’s direction, I have been able to go forward with my personal style with a sense of fun and ownership that I didn’t have before. A full Personal Styling Session is more than a luxury service. It’s an opportunity to take stock in our lives and how we present it to the world.

/  johanna s.  /


The service I received from Jes was beyond my expectations and a true eye opener. From someone that runs two full-time business, time is a valuable commodity. She assisted me in streamlining my closet with items that I love, are fashion forward, and look good on me. I’m someone who enjoys fashion however I always second guessed myself whether certain clothing items flattered my figure. Now I am able to look at clothing / shop and know based on my body type what highlights my best features. This information has been invaluable. I’m forever grateful for Jes’s knowledge, attention to detail and enthusiasm for her profession.

/  dr. denise e.  /


After my gastric bypass, I lost 105 pounds, which means I have a whole new body type and a lot of extra skin. I don’t enjoy shopping and have a hard time feeling good about my look. My youngest son is getting married this summer in Cuba and to say I was having a hard time finding a dress is an understatement. After months of looking on my own, I contacted Jes. She really listened to what I wanted and I loved every selection she made for me. Most importantly, she stayed within my budget. I felt so comfortable in the dressing room with her. On top of shopping for my dress, she also fitted me for a new bra and made shoe and accessory recommendations that I would have never found on my own. Thanks to Jes, I have a dress that I absolutely love and I can’t wait for the wedding!

/  linda k.  /


I was pretty stressed out getting ready to graduate college with my BFA in Photography. I had so many projects due! I reached out to Jes to help me find a dress for my big day. I had a college student budget and some gift cards, so we shopped at those specific stores. Not only did she find the perfect dress for my graduation, but also educated me on the types of clothes I should shop for. Given that I’m 6’2”, saying that it’s been a challenge to find clothes is an understatement. I have struggled to find the proper fit. With Jes’s help, I now understand that I should look for certain cuts and fabrics. The best part was that she fitted me for a new bra. I had been wearing the wrong size for years! With my gift cards, I was able to get “the dress” along with several pieces that will help me as I begin to prospect for jobs in my field. Thanks, Jes!

/  liZZIE M.  /